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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words -
Composting Video Downloads

It’s one thing to read a book or instructions on "how to" do something, but quite another to actually "see" how it’s done. DEEP realized this over 15 years ago when we produced three very popular VHS video programs on Home Composting, Grasscycling and Large-Scale Leaf Composting.

These organics recycling programs are now available as streaming videos. 

Select the program you wish to watch.

Home Compost Video Cover
Home Composting - Turning Your Spoils to Soil
A 17 minute basic how-to video that teaches you:
  • what makes compost happen
  • what items you should and shouldn't compost
  • how to build your own compost bin
  • the "recipe" for great compost, and
  • how to use your compost.
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Don't Trash Grass Video Cover
Don’t Trash Grass!
A 12 minute basic how-to video that explains:
  • how much easier it is to leave clippings on the lawn, and
  • that it does not contribute to thatch
  • lawn mowing techniques
  • fertilizer selection and application
  • watering methods that encourage deep root growth
  • other alternatives to grass disposal
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Windrow Compost Video Cover

Leaf Composting – Windrows of Opportunity
A 15 minute video designed as a basic training tool for compost site operators, managers and government officials. It:
  • explains the basics of large-scale windrow leaf composting
  • makes a good public information presentation
  • gives a first-hand look and general overview of how
  • aerobic leaf composting occurs
  • covers planning a leaf composting program, leaf collection, site selection, operation and management, and end uses.
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Please note that the DEEP mailing address changed after some of these programs were produced.  Our current address is: DEEP Recycling Program, 79 Elm Street, Hartford CT, 06106-5127.

For alternative viewing, all three programs in VHS format may be borrowed from main branch Connecticut libraries, or purchased from the DEEP on-line Store for $8.00 each. To order by phone, call the DEEP Store at (860) 424-3555.

Content last updated February 11, 2020