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Long Island Sound Blue Plan Video Series

The Long Island Sound Blue Plan Video Series is a collection of six videos about the Blue Plan, featuring interviews with Blue Plan Advisory Committee (BPAC) members, ecological experts, and other sector representatives. Click on each of the videos below, which focus on Long Island Sound's importance to ecological resources and human uses, or view them all within the video series story map.

Link to What is the Blue Plan Video

What is the Blue Plan? (length: 3.5 min.): This video gives an introduction to and overview of the Long Island Sound Blue Plan, its focus and goals, and the process behind developing the Plan.

Link to Ecologically Significant Areas video

Ecologically Significant Areas (length 7 min.): This video includes interviews with ecological experts who illustrate the importance of Long Island Sound as a unique estuary and ecosystem and who helped identify its Ecologically Significant Areas, which guide the science-based decision-making process of the Blue Plan, which works to protect the places that matter the most.

Link to Commercial Fishing and Aquaculture video

Commercial Fishing and Aquaculture (length: 5.5 min.): This video highlights the vital role of commercial fishing, shellfishing, and aquaculture to Connecticut's economy, as BPAC members and Connecticut fishermen explore how the Blue Plan can protect traditional uses by reducing conflicts between different sectors and the Sound's resources.

Link to Cultural and Historic Features video

Cultural and Historic Features (length: 5 min.): In this video tribal leaders, state historians and archeologists, and BPAC members relate how Long Island Sound defines Connecticut and has shaped our lives, from archeological finds to historic districts and our long-standing maritime heritage, and ways the Blue Plan can preserve these attributes.

Link to Recreation video

Recreation (length: 5.5 min.): This video explores the many recreational uses of Long Island Sound and how the Blue Plan can help properly site new uses to minimize conflicts with recreational uses through interviews of BPAC members and representatives of the recreational boating, fishing, charter boat, and SCUBA diving sectors. "There's fun out there!"

Link to Transportation and Infrastructure video

Transportation and Infrastructure (length 5 min.): In this video transportation and energy sector members emphasize the value of Long Island Sound to Connecticut's ports, which are vital to the economy and reduce highway congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, and how the Blue Plan can allay conflicts between future projects and existing uses.

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Content Last Updated February 6, 2020