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Prescription Monitoring Program

The Prescription Monitoring Program collects prescription data for Schedule II through Schedule V drugs into a centralized database, the Connecticut Prescription Monitoring and Reporting System (CPMRS), which can then be used by healthcare providers and pharmacists in the active treatment of their patients. 

The purpose of the CPMRS is to present a complete picture of a patient’s controlled substance use, including prescriptions by other providers. As a healthcare tool, the CPMRS is used to improve quality of patient care and to reduce prescription abuse, addiction, and overdose. As a result, this allows providers the opportunity to properly manage the patient’s treatment, including the referral of a patient to services offering treatment for drug abuse or addiction when appropriate.

Under Connecticut law, information about all transactions for Schedule II-V controlled substances dispensed in Connecticut must be reported to the CPMRS. Pharmacies - both in and out of state - and dispensing practitioners must submit data daily. 

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Disclaimer: The CPMRS receives data daily from dispensing pharmacies and practitioners and at least once per week from veterinary facilities. Therefore, the data within the database may not be accurate or complete. For more information about any prescription, please contact the dispensing pharmacy and/or the prescriber.

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