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Connecticut Foster & Adoption Services

For information about becoming a foster or adoptive parent call 1-888-KID-HERO or e-mail:  KidHero@cafafct.org

Watch DCF's TV Show: "Doors to Hope and Healing"

DCF Offers FREE training to all foster parents.  Do you have love in your heart and space in your home to help a child reach their goals?  Anyone older than 21, who is financially stable, is welcome to apply to become a foster parent.  This includes single parents, LGBTQ+ individuals and couples, adults who have not had children before, adults who have had many children, divorced couples, blended families, couples living together, people who rent, those with medical conditions, and more.  Every child has different needs from their foster parent(s) and we work to count you in, not out, as a foster parent!   Call 1-888-KID-HERO to learn more!

  An LGBTQ+ Recruitment Foster and Adoptive Parent campaign        

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  Here is what people say who have done it themselves:

   "This is the best thing in my life," said a mother who adopted a little girl.
   "I am very happy with my daughter. She is the miracle of my life."
  "I love these kids,"
a foster father said.

  Liz Flores and Pam KelleyWeekend for a Lifetime Event

  Watch a slideshow of the event:   https://youtu.be/cCWBD15Tj3w

  Read an article about the 'Weekend for a Lifetime' Event:  50 families to undergo intense weekend foster, adoption licensing training