State Unit on Aging

The State Unit on Aging became part of the Department of Rehabilitation Services under Public Act 18-169, signed into law on June 14, 2018 by Governor Dannel P Malloy.
The State Unit on Aging ensures that Connecticut’s elders have access to the supportive services necessary to live with dignity, security, and independence.  The unit is responsible for planning, developing, and administering a comprehensive and integrated service delivery system for older persons in Connecticut.
To accomplish this, the unit conducts needs assessments, surveys methods of service administration, evaluates and monitors such services, maintains information and referral services, and develops, coordinates, and/or collaborates with other appropriate agencies to provide services.
More specifically, the unit administers Older Americans Act programs for supportive services, in-home services, and congregate and home-delivered meals.  It also administers programs that provide senior community employment, health insurance counseling, and respite care for caregivers.
The State Unit on Aging works closely with the aging network partners to provide these services.  Partners include Connecticut’s five area agencies on aging, municipal agents for the elderly, senior centers, and many others who provide services to older adults. Contact us at with any questions you may have.