FAQs for Post Retirement Reemployment

I am retired and receiving monthly benefits from CTRB. Are there any limitations on the amount of income I can earn as a retiree if I return to Connecticut public school teaching?
A retired member may be reemployed as a teacher or administrator in the public schools of Connecticut and earn up to forty-five (45%) percent of the maximum salary level, established by the school district, for the position occupied. This limitation is on a school year basis. The employing school district and the retired member must notify this office by completing a Post Retirement Reemployment 45% Rule - Employer/Employee Form (PDF 52KB).

A retired member may be reemployed in a designated subject shortage area or a school in a priority school district and continue to receive pension income for a period of one school year. (With prior approval by the Teachers’ Retirement Board, such reemployment may be extended for an additional school year). The employing school district must submit a Subject Shortage Area or Priority School District Reemployment Form (PDF 104KB) to CTRB prior to the reemployment of the retired member.

Effective July 1, 2017, health insurance from the reemploying board of education is no longer legally required to be offered, but is not prohibited.