Abandoned Funds

Inactive Members with Accounts that do not Earn Interest

There are member accounts that are no longer eligible for any additional interest accrual and are deemed abandoned. We ask that you take a moment to review the Inactive Members with Abandoned Accounts list below to see if you or someone you know should apply for a refund. 

  Inactive Members with Abandoned Account (by member name)

  Inactive Member with Abandoned Account (by employer)

For further information on the refund process, download the Application to Reclaim Abandoned Funds located on the Active/Inactive Teacher Forms.

If you have ten or more years of CT public school teaching, you may be eligible for a Retirement benefit at age 60. Please refer to the Application for Retirement Benefits on the Active/Inactive Teacher Forms page of this website.


Deceased Member's with Abandoned Funds in Their Account
The following deceased members have abandoned funds in their accounts. Please take a moment to review the list of Deceased Member's with Abandoned Funds to see if you or someone you know should file a claim. 
If you feel you have a claim to a Deceased Member's funds, please contact Lori Cooley in the Benefits Division. Her phone number is 860-241-8406 and her email address is lori.cooley@ct.gov.