Land and Environment

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  • IT Capital Investment Program - Project Status Reports

    Each agency receiving funds through the Information Technology Capital Investment Program must report semi-annually to the Information Technology Strategy and Investment Committee and OPM, IT Policy Director. The reports on this page are separated by those projects already completed (closed out) and projects still underway (Active).

    Agency: Office of Policy and Management
  • Tracking Environmental Quality in Connecticut

    The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) publishes an annual report on the condition of the state's air, water, land and life.

    Agency: Council on Environmental Quality
  • Environmental Impact Evaluations for State Projects

    State agencies must identify and evaluate the impacts of proposed state actions, including state grants for municipal or private construction projects, which may significantly affect the environment. Notices of such proposed actions are required to be published in the Environmental Monitor and provide opportunity for public review and comment.

    Agency: Council on Environmental Quality
  • Transfers of State-Owned Land

    When a state agency proposes to sell or transfer land, including easements granted to private parties or municipalities, in most cases it must publish a notice in the Environmental Monitor giving the public the opportunity to comment.

    Agency: Council on Environmental Quality
  • Incentive Housing Zone Program

    The State provides financial incentives to municipalities seeking to create Incentive Housing Zones (IHZ) to promote the expansion of market-rate and affordable housing opportunities.  

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

    The LIHTC program provides incentives for developers to acquire, rehabilitate and/or build new low- or mixed-income housing through the allocation of federal tax credits that may be sold to corporations or investor groups to raise equity for a project.  

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Housing Programs

    The state has compiled a list of housing development programs, housing affordability initiatives, community development programs and individual and family support services for those seeking housing assistance.

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Security Deposit Guarantee Program

    The Security Deposit Guarantee Program provides a guarantee to landlords for up to two month's rent rather than an actual cash payment for eligible individuals and family seeking to obtain rental housing.

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher

    Eligible tenants in newly-constructed, rehabilitated and existing rental and cooperative apartment projects could receive rental subsidies through the federal Housing and Urban Development Section 8 Program.  Applicants for the program must meet the income limits. Anyone interested in registering to receive automatic notice of the opening of any Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waitlists can go to

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Rental Assistance Program (RAP)

    Residents with low incomes can receive a monthly rent subsidy through the Rental Assistance Program (RAP).  After people find housing, the state pays a subsidy directly to the landlords every month and the tenants pay the difference between the rental cost and the subsidy.

    Agency: Department of Housing

    The state provides gap funding in the form of loans and grants to owners of existing multifamily properties and developers of proposed new multifamily properties to increase the supply of safe, decent and affordable rental housing statewide.  

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • CT Housing Search

    Property owners and those seeking apartments can list and peruse rental housing available anywhere in the state free of charge. Resources also are available for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities looking for housing.

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Affordable Housing Funding Opportunities

    The state provides gap funding for projects and programs that create homeownership opportunities for eligible households throughout the State.  

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • Annual Funding Schedule

    The Department of Housing posts a schedule of funding rounds at the beginning of each fiscal year to provide a predictable timetable of the agency's funding for developers, public housing authorities, municipalities and other interested parties seeking funding to construct new affordable housing or preserve existing affordable housing.

    Agency: Department of Housing
  • CDBG Small Cities

    Through the CDBG-Small Cities Program, the state provides funding and technical support to municipalities with populations of less than 50,000 for projects that achieve local community, affordable housing, and economic development objectives, principally benefiting low- and moderate-income persons.  

    Agency: Department of Housing