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ADMISSION TO THE BAR. The admission of attorneys to practice before the Courts of this state is regulated by rules adopted by the Judges of the Superior Court. These rules, together with the regulations made by the committees set forth below, and information for candidates appear on the Judicial Branch website,, and also appear in an information booklet, which may be obtained from the Connecticut Bar Examining Committee. Prospective applicants are advised to access the website or to contact the committee during the summer between the second and third year of law school for information on admission rules then in effect.
Address: 100 Washington St., 1st Flr., Hartford 06106-4411. Tel., (860) 706-5135; FAX, (860) 706-5069. Website: E-mail:
Deputy Dir., Atty. Svs., Kathleen B. Harrington, Tel., (860) 706-5138; Admin. Dir., Jessica F. Kallipolites, Tel., (860) 706-5168; Asst. Admin. Dir., Lisa Valko, Tel., (860) 706-5139.
Chm., Hon. Anne C. Dranginis, Litchfield (Ret.); Vice Chm., Denise Martino Phelan, Hartford; Secy., Karen L. Karple, Bridgeport; Treas., Matthew Wax-Krell, Hartford.
Richard F. Banbury, Hartford; Raymond L. Baribeault, Jr., New London; Deborah L. Bradley, Rocky Hill; Kevin C. Connors, Willimantic; Erick I. Diaz, Farmington; Hon. Nina Elgo, Hartford; Edward J. Gavin, Bridgeport; Eric M. Gross, Bridgeport; Hon. C. Ian McLachlan, Hartford (Ret.); Gail McTaggart, Waterbury; David A. Moraghan, Torrington; Sharon A. Peters, Portland; Timothy P. Pothin, New Haven; Amir Shaikh, Vernon; Robert D. Silva, Hartford; Alix Simonetti, New Haven; Hon. Elliot N. Solomon, Hartford; Martha S. Triplett, Wallingford; Frederic S. Ury, Fairfield; Perry Zinn-Rowthorn, Hartford.
The Bar Examining Committee prepares and administers a comprehensive bar examination administered in February and July and investigates the character and fitness of applicants for admission to the bar. 
Standing Committees on Recommendations for Admission to the Bar
Fairfield County.--Carolyn R. Linsey, Bridgeport, Chm.; Members: Edward F. Czepiga II, Kathleen Dunn, Robert W. Lotty, Sean McElligott, Douglas P. Mahoney, Cindy L. Robinson.
Hartford County.--Gary A. Friedle, New Britain, Chm.; Members: Richard Brown, David A. Curry, Monica L. Harper, John Matulis, John B. Nolan, Rene Rosado.
Litchfield County.--Ruth Nadeau Dwyer, Bantam, Chm.; Members: Jill B. Brakeman, Michael A. Fasano Sr., James D. Hirschfield.
Middlesex County.--Kenneth J. McDonnell, Essex, Chm.; Members: Thomas Cartelli, Lisa Faccadio. 
New Haven County.--Stacy E. Votto, New Haven, Chm.; Members: Dennis W. Gillooly, Howard K. Levine, Christopher Neary, Deborah Monteith Neubert.
New London County.--Kerin M. Woods, New London, Chm.; Members: Lonnie Braxton, Beth A. Steele.
Tolland County.--Kerry A. Tarpey, Somers, Chm.; Members: Timothy J. Johnston, Matthew Willis.
Windham County.--B. Paul Kaplan, Plainfield, Chm.; Members: Mark R. Brouillard, Rachel Sarantopoulos.
The Standing Committees on Recommendations for Admission to the Bar for each county are appointed by the Judges of the Superior Court in such county. Applications for admission by examination which have been identified by the Bar Examining Committee as presenting possible character and fitness problems may be referred to the Standing Committee for the county of the applicant's residence.
STATEWIDE GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE. Address: 287 Main St., 2nd Flr., Ste. 2, East Hartford 06118-1885. Tel., (860) 568-5157; FAX, (860) 568-4953.
Appointed by the Judges of the Superior Court, Atty. Tracie L. Molinaro, Chm.; Atty. Agustin Sevillano, Vice Chm.; Atty. Ryan P. Barry; Atty. Matthew G. Berger; Mr. Gary DeFilippo; Atty. Stephanie Dellolio; Atty. John R. Donovan; Atty. Wendy A. Grispin; Mr. Peter M. Jenkins; Atty. Scott M. Jones; Atty. Bruce D. Koffsky; Atty. Colin P. Mahon; Atty. Kelly A. Masi; Mr. Joseph J. Matthews; Mr. John Post; Mr. Patrick Sheridan; Mr. Jonathan Shugarts; Atty. David A. Slossberg; Atty. James J. Sullivan; Atty. Kara J. Summa.
Statewide Bar Counsel, Atty. Michael P. Bowler.