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The Treasurer of the State of Connecticut receives all cash receipts of the state from the various departments and institutions, and is the custodian of, and is responsible for, all state funds. As Connecticut's chief elected financial officer, the Treasurer is principal fiduciary of and has investment authority over all assets of the various state pension, retirement, and trust funds included in the Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds. The Treasurer is also the custodian of all deeds covering state-owned property. The Treasurer is a member of the Banking Commission, State Bond Commission, Connecticut Airport Authority, Connecticut Green Bank, Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority, Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority, Connecticut Higher Education Trust Advisory Bd., Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, Connecticut Innovations, Connecticut Lottery Corporation Bd. of Dirs., Connecticut Port Authority, Connecticut Retirement Security Authority, Connecticut Student Loan Foundation, Council of Fiscal Officers, Finance Advisory Committee, Information and Telecommunication Systems Executive Steering Committee, Investment Advisory Council, Municipal Accountability Review Board, Standardization Committee, State Employees' Retirement Commission, Student Financial Aid Information Council, and Teachers' Retirement Bd.

The Treasurer appoints a Deputy Treasurer who is responsible for the office in his absence. The Treasurer makes a complete report annually to the Governor of the receipts and expenditures of the State for the fiscal year ending on the 30th day of June preceding. The Treasurer is elected for four years and receives an annual salary of $110,000.

Treasurer Town and Party** Term of Service Years of Service
Thomas Welles Hartford, O 1639-41 2 yrs.
William Whiting Hartford, O 1641-48 7 yrs.
Thomas Welles Hartford, O 1648-52 4 yrs.
John Talcott, Sr. Hartford, O 1652-60 8 yrs.
John Talcott, Jr. Hartford, O 1660-76 16 yrs.
William Pitkin Hartford, O 1676-79 3 yrs.
Joseph Whiting Hartford, O 1679-1718 39 yrs.
John Whiting Hartford, O 1718-50 32 yrs.
Nathaniel Stanly Hartford, O 1750-56 6 yrs.
Joseph Talcott Hartford, O 1756-69 13 yrs.
John Lawrence Hartford, O 1769-89 20 yrs.
Jedediah Huntington Norwich, O 1789-90 1 yr.
Peter Colt New Haven, O 1790-94 4 yrs.
Andrew Kingsbury Hartford, O 1794-1818 24 yrs.
Isaac Spencer East Haddam, O 1818-35 17 yrs.
Jeremiah Brown Hartford, O 1835-38 3 yrs.
Hiram Ryder Willington, O 1838-42 4 yrs.
Jabez L. White, Jr. Bolton, O 1842-44 2 yrs.
Joseph B. Gilbert Hartford, O 1844-46 2 yrs.
Alonzo W. Birge Coventry, O 1846-47 1 yr.
Joseph B. Gilbert Hartford, O 1847-49 2 yrs.
Henry D. Smith Middletown, D 1849-51 2 yrs.
Thomas Clark Coventry, W 1851-52 1 yr.
Edwin Stearns Middletown, D 1852-54 2 yrs.
Daniel Camp Middletown, W 1854-55 1 yr.
Arthur B. Calef Middletown, AD 1855-56 1 yr.
Frederick P. Coe Killingly, A 1856-57 1 yr.
Frederick S. Wildman Danbury, R 1857-58 1 yr.
Lucius J. Hendee Hebron, A 1858-61 3 yrs.
Ezra Dean Woodstock, R 1861-62 1 yr.
Gabriel W. Coite Middletown, U 1862-66 4 yrs.
Henry G. Taintor Hampton, R 1866-67 1 yr.
Edward S. Moseley Hampton, D 1867-69 2 yrs.
David P. Nichols Danbury, R 1869-70 1 yr.
Charles M. Pond Hartford, D 1870-71 1 yr.
David P. Nichols Danbury, R 1871-73 2 yrs.
Wm. E. Raymond New Canaan, R 1873-77 4 yrs.
Edwin A. Buck Windham, D 1877-79 2 yrs.
Tallmadge Baker So. Norwalk, R 1879-81 2 yrs.
David P. Nichols1 Danbury, R 1881-82 1 yr.
James D. Smith Stamford, R 1882-83 1 yr.
Alfred R. Goodrich Vernon, D 1883-85 2 yrs.
V. B. Chamberlain New Britain, R 1885-87 2 yrs.
Alexander Warner Ridgefield, R 1887-89 2 yrs.
E. Stevens Henry Vernon, R 1889-93 4 yrs.
Marvin H. Sanger Canterbury, D 1893-95 2 yrs.
George W. Hodge Windsor, R 1895-97 2 yrs.
Charles W. Grosvenor Pomfret, R 1897-99 2 yrs.
Charles S. Mersick New Haven, R 1899-1901 2 yrs.
Henry H. Gallup Norwich, R 1901-05 4 yrs.
James F. Walsh Greenwich, R 1905-07 2 yrs.
Freeman F. Patten Stafford, R 1907-11 4 yrs.
Costello Lippitt Norwich, R 1911-13 2 yrs.
Edward S. Roberts Canaan, D 1913-15 2 yrs.
F.S. Chamberlain New Britain, R 1915-19 4 yrs.
G. Harold Gilpatric Putnam, R 1919-24 5 yrs. 7 m. 10 d.
Anson T. McCook2 Hartford, R 1924 4 m. 21 d.
Ernest E. Rogers New London, R 1925-29 4 yrs.
Samuel R. Spencer Suffield, R 1929-31 2 yrs.
Roy C. Wilcox Meriden, R 1931-33 2 yrs.
J. William Hope Bridgeport, R 1933-35 2 yrs.
John S. Addis3 New Milford, D 1935-37 2 yrs. 8 m. 29 d.
Thomas Hewes4 Farmington, D 1937 1 m.
Guy B. Holt West Hartford, D 1937-39 1 yr. 2 m. 3 d.
Joseph E. Talbot Naugatuck, R 1939-41 2 yrs.
Frank M. Anastasio New Haven, D 1941-43 2 yrs.
Carl M. Sharpe Abington, R 1943-45 2 yrs.
William T. Carroll Torrington, D 1945-47 2 yrs.
Joseph A. Adorno Middletown, R 1947-55 8 yrs.
John Ottaviano, Jr. New Haven, R 1955-59 4 yrs.
John A. Speziale5 Torrington, D 1959-61 2 yrs. 10 m. 8 d.
Donald J. Irwin6 Norwalk, D 1961-63 1 yr. 1 m. 20 d.
Gerald A. Lamb7 Waterbury, D 1963-70 7 yrs. 1 m. 2 d.
John A. Iorio8 Waterbury, D 1970-71 10 m. 28 d.
Robert I. Berdon9 Branford, R 1971-73 2 yrs. 5 m. 22 d.
Alden A. Ives10 Glastonbury, R 1973-75 1 yr. 6 m. 6 d.
Henry E. Parker11 New Haven, D 1975-86 11 yrs. 26 d.
Joan R. Kemler12 West Hartford, D 1986-87 11 m. 5 d.
Francisco L. Borges13 Hartford, D 1987-93 6 yrs. 1m. 19 d.
Joseph M. Suggs, Jr.14 Bloomfield, D 1993-95 1 yr. 9 mo. 26 d.
Christopher B. Burnham15 Stamford, R 1995-97 2 yr. 6 mo. 18 d.
Paul J. Silvester16 West Hartford, R 1997-99 1 yr. 5 mo. 15 d.
Denise L. Nappier Hartford, D 1999-2019 20 yrs.
Shawn T. Wooden Hartford, D 2019- Currently serving

**Town listed is town of residence at time of election.

1Died January 2, 1882, and James D. Smith was appointed by the Governor to fill the vacancy.
2Anson T. McCook was appointed to succeed G. Harold Gilpatric, who resigned August 16, 1924.
3Died September 29, 1937, and Thomas Hewes was appointed by the Governor to fill the vacancy.
4Resigned November 1, 1937, and Guy B. Holt was appointed by the Governor to fill the vacancy.
5Resigned November 15, 1961 to become a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.
6Appointed November 20, 1961 by Governor Dempsey to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of John A. Speziale.
7Resigned February 11, 1970 to become State Bank Commissioner.
8Appointed February 11, 1970 by Governor Dempsey to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Gerald A. Lamb.
9Resigned June 28, 1973 to become Judge of the Superior Court.
10Appointed June 29, 1973 by Governor Meskill to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Robert I. Berdon. Took oath of office on July 2, 1973.
11Resigned February 3, 1986 to accept a position in private industry.
12Appointed February 3, 1986 by Governor O'Neill to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Henry E. Parker.
13Resigned effective March 1, 1993 to accept a position in private industry.
14Appointed March 3, 1993 by the General Assembly to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Francisco L. Borges. Took oath of office on March 9, 1993.
15Resigned July 22, 1997 to accept a position in private industry.
16Appointed July 22, 1997 by Governor Rowland to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Christopher B. Burnham.