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Name Town and Party** Term of Service
David Plant Stratford, O 1819,20
Elisha Phelps Simsbury, O 1821
Seth P. Beers Litchfield, O 1822,23
Ralph I. Ingersoll New Haven, O 1824
Samuel A. Foot Cheshire, R 1825,26
Ebenezer Young Killingly, O 1827,28
Elisha Phelps Simsbury, O 1829
Henry W. Edwards New Haven, D 1830
Martin Welles Wethersfield, O 1831,32
Samuel Ingham2 Saybrook, O 1833
Roger Huntington1 Norwich, O 1834
William L. Storrs Middletown, O 1834
Samuel Ingham Saybrook, O 1835
Chauncey F. Cleveland Hampton, D 1835,36
Stillman K. Wightman Middletown, O 1837
William W. Boardman New Haven, W 1838,39
Charles J. McCurdy Lyme, O 1840,41
Stillman K. Wightman Middletown, O 1842
Noyes Billings New London, O 1843
Charles J. McCurdy Lyme, O 1844
William W. Boardman New Haven, W 1845
Cyrus H. Beardslee Monroe, D 1846
LaFayette S. Foster Norwich, W 1847,48
John C. Lewis Plymouth, F 1849
Origen S. Seymour Litchfield, D 1850
Samuel Ingham Saybrook, D 1851
Charles B. Phelps Woodbury, D 1852
William W. Eaton Hartford, D 1853
LaFayette S. Foster3 Norwich, W 1854
Green Kendrick Waterbury, W 1854
Austin Baldwin Middletown, A 1855
Green Kendrick Waterbury, W 1856
Eliphalet A. Bulkeley Hartford, U 1857
Alfred A. Burnham Windham, R 1858
Oliver H. Perry Fairfield, R 1859,60
Augustus Brandegee4 New London, R 1861
Henry C. Deming Hartford, D 1861
Josiah M. Carter Norwalk, R 1862
Chauncey F. Cleveland Hampton, R 1863
John S. Rice Farmington, U 1864
Eleazer K. Foster New Haven, R 1865
David Gallup Plainfield, U 1866
John T. Wait Norwich, U 1867
Charles Ives East Haven, R 1868
Orville H. Platt Meriden, R 1869
LaFayette S. Foster5 Norwich, R 1870
Alfred A. Burnham Windham, R 1870
Edwin H. Bugbee Killingly, R 1871
Amos S. Treat Woodbridge, R 1872
William W. Eaton Hartford, D 1873
Tilton E. Doolittle New Haven, D 1874
Charles Durand Derby, R 1875
Thomas M. Waller New London, D 1876
Lynde Harrison Guilford, R 1877
Charles H. Briscoe Enfield, R 1878
Dexter R. Wright New Haven, R 1879
Dwight Marcy Vernon, R 1880
William C. Case Granby, R 1881
John M. Hall Windham, R 1882
Charles H. Pine Derby, R 1883
Henry B. Harrison New Haven, R 1884
William Edgar Simonds Canton, R 1885
John A. Tibbits New London, R 1886
Heusted W. R. Hoyt Greenwich, R 1887
John H. Perry Fairfield, R 1889
Allen W. Paige Huntington, R 1891
Isaac W. Brooks Torrington, R 1893
Samuel Fessenden Stamford, R 1895
Joseph L. Barbour Hartford, R 1897
Frank B. Brandegee New London, R 1899
John H. Light Norwalk, R 1901
Michael Kenealy Stamford, R 1903
Marcus H. Holcomb Southington, R 1905
John Q. Tilson New Haven, R 1907
Elmore S. Banks Fairfield, R 1909
Frederick A. Scott Plymouth, R 1911
Morris C. Webster Harwinton, R 1913
Frank E. Healy Windsor Locks, R 1915,17
James F. Walsh Greenwich, R 1919
Frederick W. Huxford Stamford, R 1921
Leonard J. Nickerson Cornwall, R 1923
Elbert L. Darbie Killingly, R 1925
John H. Hill Shelton, R 1927
Samuel A. Eddy North Canaan, R 1929
Howard W. Alcorn Suffield, R 1931
William Hanna Bethel, R 1933,35
J. Mortimer Bell Salisbury, R 1937
Walter Howe Litchfield, R 1939
Hugh Meade Alcorn, Jr. Suffield, R 1941
Harold E. Mitchell West Hartford, R 1943
E. Lea Marsh, Jr. Old Lyme, R 1945
Frederick H. Holbrook Madison, R 1947
John R. Thim Hamden, R 1949
Mansfield D. Sprague New Canaan, R 1951
Arthur E. B. Tanner Woodbury, R 1953
W. Sheffield Cowles Farmington, R 1955
Nelson C. L. Brown, II Groton, R 1957
William J. O'Brien, Jr. Portland, D 1959
Anthony E. Wallace Simsbury, R 1961
J. Tyler Patterson, Jr. Old Lyme, R 1963-65
Robert J. Testo Bridgeport, D 1967
William R. Ratchford Danbury, D 1969-72
Francis J. Collins Brookfield Center, R 1973-74
James J. Kennelly Hartford, D 1975-78
Ernest N. Abate Stamford, D 1979-82
Irving J. Stolberg New Haven, D 1983-84
R. E. Van Norstrand Darien, R 1985-86
Irving J. Stolberg New Haven, D 1987-88
Richard J. Balducci Newington, D 1989-92
Thomas D. Ritter Hartford, D 1993-98
Moira K. Lyons Stamford, D 1999-04
James A. Amann Milford, D 2005-08
Christopher G. Donovan Meriden, D 2009-12
Sharkey, J. Brendan Hamden, D 2013-16
Joe Aresimowicz Berlin, D 2017-

**Town listed is town of residence at time of election.
1Resigned May 24, 1834, having been appointed Comptroller, and William L. Storrs was appointed to fill the vacancy.
2Resigned May 15, 1835, and Chauncey F. Cleveland was chosen to fill the vacancy.
3Resigned June 8, 1854, having been elected U.S. Senator, and Green Kendrick was chosen to fill the vacancy.
4At a special session held Oct. 9, 1861, the speaker, Mr. Brandegee, being detained from the House by illness, Mr. Deming was chosen speaker, pro tempore.  
5Resigned June 16, 1870, having been chosen Judge of Supreme Court of Errors and Alfred A. Burnham of Windham was chosen to fill the vacancy.