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Name Town and Party** Term of Service
Aaron N. Skinner New Haven, W 1845
Samuel Ingham Saybrook, D 1846
Thomas C. Perkins Hartford, W 1847
Thomas B. Butler Norwalk, W 1848
Henry Dutton New Haven, W 1849
Samuel Ingham Saybrook, D 1850
Henry E. Peck New Haven, W 1851
James T. Pratt Rocky Hill, D 1852
Daniel B. Warner East Haddam, D 1853
John Boyd West Winsted, Free Soil Dem. 1854
James F. Babcock New Haven, W 1855
Leman W. Cutler Watertown, AR 1856
Ammi Giddings Plymouth, U 1857
Elisha Carpenter Killingly, R 1858
Thaddeus Welles Glastonbury, R 1859
Joseph G. Lamb Norwich, AR 1860
Andrew B. Mygatt New Milford, R 1861
Hiram Goodwin Hitchcockville, R (U) 1862
Gilbert W. Phillips Putnam, R (U) 1863
John T. Adams Norwich, U 1864
Orlando J. Hodge Robertsville, U 1865
John T. Wait Norwich, U 1866
Amos J. Gallup Sterling, R 1867
Edwin H. Bugbec Killingly, R 1868
David Gallup Plainfield, R 1869
Edward Harland Norwich, R 1870
Ezra Hall Marlborough, R 1871
S. Storrs Cotton Pomfret, R 1872
Allen Tenny Norwich, R 1873
Luzon B. Morris New Haven, D 1874
Caleb B. Bowers New Haven, D 1875
Ephraim H. Hyde Stafford, D 1876
Oliver Hoyt Stamford, R 1877-78
Gilbert W. Phillips Putnam, R (U) 1879
Lyman W. Coe Torrington, R 1880-81
Robert Coit New London, R 1882-83
Lorrin A. Cooke Winsted, R 1884
Stiles T. Stanton Stonington, R 1885-86
Robert J. Walsh Greenwich, R 1887-88
John M. Hall Willimantic, R 1889-90
David M. Read Bridgeport, D 1891-92
Frederick W. Holden Ansonia, D 1893-94
John Ferris So. Norwalk, R 1895-96
William Marigold Bridgeport, R 1897-98
Edwin O. Keeler Norwalk, R 1899-1900
Henry Roberts Hartford, R 1901-02
Rollin S. Woodruff New Haven, R 1903-04
Samuel Fessenden Stamford, R 1905-06
Stiles Judson Stratford, R 1907-08
Isaac W. Brooks Torrington, R 1909-10
Frank C. Woodruff Orange, R 1911-12
George Landers New Britain, D 1913-14
Frederic A. Bartlett Bridgeport, R 1915-16
Henry H. Lyman Middlefield, R 1917-18
William H. Heald Stafford Springs, R 1919-20
William H. Hall So. Willington, R 1921-22
John H. Trumbull Plainville, R 1923-24
Edwin Brainard Branford, R 1925-26
Frederic C. Walcott Norfolk, R 1927-28
Roy C. Wilcox Meriden, R 1929-30
Albert E. Lavery Fairfield, R 1931-32
David Goldstein Bridgeport, D 1933-34
John F. Lynch West Haven, R 1935-36
Joseph H. Lawlor Waterbury, D 1937-38
Charles J. Arrigoni Durham, R 1939-40
Joseph B. Downes Norwich, D 1941-42
Frank H. Peet Kent, R 1943-44
Samuel H. Malkan New Haven, D 1945-46
Robert E. Parsons Farmington, R 1947-48
Cornelius Mulvihill, Jr. Bridgeport, D 1949-50
William Perry Barber Putnam, D 1951-52
Oscar Peterson, Jr. Stratford, R 1953-54
Patrick J. Ward Hartford, D 1955-56
Theodore S. Ryan Sharon, R 1957-58
Anthony Armentano Hartford, D 1959-62
Fred J. Doocy1 Wapping, D 1963-1/16/66
Paul J. Falsey2 New Haven, D 1/26/66-1966
Charles T. Alfano Suffield, D 1967-72
Peter L. Cashman3 Lyme, R 1973-6/7/73
Florence D. Finney4 Cos Cob, R 7/10/73-1974
Joseph J. Fauliso5 Hartford, D 1975-80
James J. Murphy, Jr. Franklin, D 1981-84
Philip S. Robertson Cheshire, R 1985-86
John B. Larson East Hartford, D 1987-94
M. Adela Eads Kent, R 1995-97
Kevin B. Sullivan6 West Hartford, D 1997-7/1/2004
Donald E. Williams, Jr.7 Brooklyn, D 7/1/2004-2014
Martin M. Looney New Haven, D 2015-

**Town listed is town of residence at time of election.

1Succeeded to the office of Lieutenant Governor. Took oath of office January 17, 1966.

2Became President Pro Tempore when Fred Doocy became Lieutenant Governor.

3Succeeded to the office of Lieutenant Governor. Took oath of office June 7, 1973.

4Became President Pro Tempore when Peter L. Cashman became Lieutenant Governor.

5Succeeded to the office of Lieutenant Governor. Took oath of office December 31, 1980.

6Succeeded to the office of Lieutenant Governor. Took oath of office July 1, 2004.
7Became President Pro Tempore when Kevin B. Sullivan became Lieutenant Governor.