Foreign Credentials - Approved Evaluation Agencies


If you completed any post-secondary education outside of the United States, you must have your credentials evaluated by an agency currently approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education and meet current certification requirements, including coursework and assessments.

To determine your eligibility for Connecticut educator certification, you must submit items A through C below:

A. Certification Application:

To begin review for Connecticut educator certification, you must submit the following:

  1. A completed application; and
  2. Nonrefundable application review fee of $50

The quickest and easiest way to apply is to create an account on the Connecticut Educator Certification System (CECS), and apply online. Then you can pay the certification fee online with a MasterCard or Visa. If you prefer, you may submit a paper ED170 General Application and pay the fee with a certified bank check or money order.

Either way, you must also submit required documentation by mail, as follows:

  1. ED125 Statement of Preparing Higher Education Institution, if you completed a teacher preparation program;
  2. Official transcripts for any coursework completed at regionally accredited colleges or universities in the US;
  3. ED126 Statements of Professional Experience documenting any teaching experience in grades K-12 within the past ten years, signed by the superintendent or head of the district, or by the Ministry of Education or other authorized agency if outside of the US; and
  4. Copies of the front and back of all government-issued license(s) or certificate(s) authorizing all years of service.

Paper application forms may be printed from our website at

Any document, including an ED 126 or teaching authorization, in a language other than English must be accompanied by a notarized translation of all information in the original. 

B. Analysis of Foreign Coursework/Program Preparation:

The Connecticut State Department of Education does not evaluate credentials from institutions outside of the United States.  Your credentials must be evaluated by an approved evaluation agency.

Only original evaluations conducted by one of the following agencies are accepted.  Each agency operates on a fee basis and will supply advisory, course-by-course analysis directly to the requesting individual.  As fees vary and are subject to change, you must contact the organization directly for further information.  Please note that you must request that the approved evaluating agency mail one official copy of your evaluation directly to our office at P.O. Box 150471, Hartford, CT 06115-0471.

Effective July 1, 2009, the following foreign credential review organizations are approved to provide analysis of education completed outside the United States for the purposes of Connecticut educator certification:

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
P.O. Box 514070
Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53202-3470

Telephone: (414) 289-3400

Global Credential Evaluators, Inc.
P.O. Box 9203
College Station, Texas  77842-9230

Telephone: (800) 707-0979

Josef Silny & Associates
7101 SW 102nd Avenue
Miami, FL  33173

Telephone: (305) 273-1616

SpanTran: The Evaluation Company
450 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1004
New York, NY 10123

Phone: (646) 475-2570
SpanTran Application for Connecticut Applicants

C. Assessment Requirements:

In addition to meeting all other Connecticut requirements, the appropriate subject area test(s) are required as detailed in the Guide to Assessments for Educator Certification in Connecticut.

Upon meeting all requirements except testing, you may be eligible for a one-year nonrenewable interim certificate with a deferral of Connecticut testing requirements.

The information contained on this fact sheet is subject to change without notice.