Walk-in services at all DRS branch office locations remain suspended. Email DRS at drs@po.state.ct.us. Email the Priority One Taxpayer Assistance Program: DRSPriorityOne_CollectionsAssist@po.state.ct.us. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Installment Agreement Request - (Income Tax Only)

While the Department of Revenue Service (DRS) is not a lending institution, we do understand that there are times when taxpayers experience temporary, legitimate financial difficulties and require extra time to pay a tax debt.

In order to qualify for an Installment Agreement, the following requirements must be met:

  • Your account is not in collection status with DRS or with a collection agency working on behalf of DRS;
  • Your account is not under warrant, bankruptcy, suspense or criminal investigation by DRS;
  • All tax return filings are current;
  • Current liabilities are $10,000 or less; and
  • Payment plan terms must not exceed twelve months.

If you meet the above requirements, please visit our Taxpayer Service Center by clicking below to set up a payment plan.  You will need to create an account and follow the screen prompts.  If you do not meet the requirement, please contact a Revenue Agent at (860) 297-4936.

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