Walk-in services at all DRS branch office locations remain suspended. Email DRS at drs@po.state.ct.us. Email the Priority One Taxpayer Assistance Program: DRSPriorityOne_CollectionsAssist@po.state.ct.us. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Individual Information

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  4. Where can I file my taxes?
  5. Where can I get Individual Forms?
  6. Where do I mail the return?
  7. How do I calculate my tax?
  8. How do I make estimated payments?
  9. How do I pay my Income tax balance due?
  10. Information about my refund
  11. Refund offset Information
  12. How do I change my legal name/mailing address?
  13. How do I reset my password (TSC-IND)?
  14. How do I correct a previously filed income tax return?
  15. How do I get copies of my Income Tax return?
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Where Can I File My Taxes?

How do I Calculate My Tax?  Use..

Refund Information

Change Legal Name/Address

Copies of Returns
Income Tax Returns:  You can print copies of most income tax returns right now using the Taxpayer Service Center (TSC):
To Access Returns (available for current year and 2 prior years):
  1. Log into your individual account on the TSC-IND (for individual income tax).
  2. From the main menu select View Returns.
  3. Select the return by clicking on the confirmation number.
  4. Select “print” from your browser tool bar.

**Note: If the return you wish to print does not appear on the View Returns screen you must complete Form LGL-002 and mail it to the DRS.  It will take approximately 3 weeks from the time we receive your request to send you a copy of you return(s).

Copies of Someone Else's Return:   To obtain a copy of a return filed by someone other than yourself, you must have authorization from that person.  That person should complete Form LGL-001 giving you power of attorney to request the return.  Send Form LGL-001 with Form LGL-002 to request another person's return.

There is NO FEE for obtaining copies of filed returns.

Employee Withholding Issues

Common Filing Issues/Questions by Topics

Where to get forms

How do I Reset My TSC-IND password?

Warnings/Common Filing Errors
  • Be sure to send all 4 pages of the return
  • Be sure to include any applicable schedules (CT-EITC)
  • Complete all schedules for which you are claiming credits - for example if you are claiming the property tax credit be sure to complete Schedule 3 - Property tax credit
  • If filing an extension of time to file and you owe money this will not extend your time to pay.  Money is due by due date of the return regardless.