Walk-in services at all DRS branch office locations remain suspended. Email DRS at drs@po.state.ct.us. Email the Priority One Taxpayer Assistance Program: DRSPriorityOne_CollectionsAssist@po.state.ct.us. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

General Questions Email

Internet E-Mail - For security reasons, we will NOT respond to account-related questions using Internet email. 

We will answer routine tax questions sent to DRS using your Internet email account. 

We keep confidential the information that you provide us on your returns, in your correspondence with us through the United States mail, and during your meetings with our auditors or other employees.

However, any information that you send us by electronic mail is not secure and may be seen by others on the Internet. Bear this in mind, particularly if you are sending us information such as your name, address. 

DO NOT send us your Social Security number, federal employer identification number or Connecticut tax registration number or attachments. For security reasons we cannot open attachments. 

We are not responsible if your electronic mail is lost, intercepted or misused by others. 

For security reasons, we will not provide any account information in response to email questions. 

Important: Our goal is to respond to most e-mail questions within 5 to 7 business days.  However, you may find the answer to your questions more quickly by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions by tax type: