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DOH Predevelopment Loan Program

The Predevelopment Loan Program is directed to housing developers seeking assistance with predevelopment costs incurred in connection with the construction, rehabilitation, or redevelopment of housing for low and moderate income persons and families.  Predevelopment costs are expenses that are not administrative and are necessary before the construction stage of a project begins.  Proposed projects to be supported with these predevelopment funds must be eligible for financial assistance from DOH.

Application Submission Requirements

1) Applicants must use the CHFA/DOH Consolidated Application Version (the “ConApp”) which will be available on the CHFA-DOH Predevelopment Loan Program SharePoint site. The use of earlier ConApp versions will not be accepted.

2) All application materials must be submitted via electronic submission through the DOH/CHFA SharePoint website. To obtain a SharePoint account, submit an email to

Include the following information in your request:
  1. Funding Round: Predevelopment Loan Program
  2. Project Name
  3. Applicant Name
  4. Primary Contact Name
  5. Primary Contact Email
  6. Primary Contact Phone
Applicants will subsequently receive an email from the system administrator that contains a link to the SharePoint website.
Below are two links that will help applicants navigate through the ConApp SharePoint:
For questions, contact Jody Trestman at or 860-270-8161.