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State-sponsored Housing Portfolio Moderate Rehabilitation Projects
The State of Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH), in partnership with the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), invites applications from owners of properties in the State-Sponsored Housing Portfolio (the “Portfolio”) seeking funding from DOH for projects that involve a moderate level of rehabilitation of the existing premises.
In 2012, the Governor announced an ambitious 10-year $300 million initiative to revitalize the Portfolio.  The first $90 million of that initiative have been authorized to date.  Last year, CHFA engaged a consultant to prepare a capital plan to inform and prioritize the revitalization of the Portfolio properties in accordance with the Governor’s initiative (the “Capital Plan”).  Over the course of this 10-year period, guided by the Capital Plan, DOH and CHFA expect to invest the funds authorized under this initiative to rehabilitate or redevelop each of the properties in the Portfolio.
Funding under this NOFA will include approximately $10 million of Affordable Housing Program (“FLEX”) funds.  DOH funds may be provided in the form of grants, loans or a combination thereof based on project needs and DOH/CHFA underwriting.  Funding per project under this NOFA may not be less than $150,000 or greater than $4,000,000.  In addition, hard costs for the project cannot exceed $35,000 per unit.
An applicant must be an owner of a property within the Portfolio (or a new affiliated entity created for the purpose of financing the project).  Funding under this NOFA must be used for the rehabilitation of a Portfolio property in accordance with a scope of work that is substantially consistent with the capital needs identified for such property in the Capital Plan.
Applicants must use the State-sponsored Housing Portfolio Moderate Rehabilitation Projects application, which will be available in November on DOH’s website at as well as CHFA’s website at
Applications for funding under this NOFA must be submitted no later than Monday, January 13, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.  Prior to December 31, 2013, applicants may contact Jacqueline Simpson via email at with questions related to this NOFA.  Questions and DOH’s answers thereto will be periodically posted on the Websites.
An applicant may submit its application for funding under this NOFA either electronically through the State’s Biznet portal OR as a hard copy binder submission.  Each applicant must choose only one method for submission and therefore may not submit one or more portions electronically and other portions in hard copy.  Hard copy submissions should be submitted to the attention of Jacqueline Simpson, DOH.  The Biznet portal can be found at or by clicking the Biznet button on the DOH website home page.  Note that hard copies of architectural drawings and project manuals cannot be submitted electronically and therefore must be submitted in hard copy to DOH (two copies are required if financing from CHFA is being sought).