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The Department of Correction is committed to the three overarching themes within the department’s current strategic plan, one of which is ‘efficiency’.

As the largest state agency, we strive to operate utilizing a lean approach reducing redundancy and eliminating wasteful processes that fail to add value, with the goal to enhance our overall operations while maintaining safety and security.

We value input from Connecticut’s taxpayers and welcome constructive suggestions that present a positive and fiscally responsible department-wide impact.  Please take a moment to review content shown below and submit your efficiency-specific suggestions to Thank you.

This graphic describes the Connecticut Department of Correction’s overarching and equally important goals, of which there are three, within the current Strategic Plan and initiatives.  Public Safety – to reduce recidivism and prevent criminal activity in our community and be an active partner in the state’s criminal justice, public safety and emergency response/disaster relief systems.  Efficiency – to maximize the utility of limited resources, increase and enhance collaboration, productivity and efficiencies and achieve operational and procedural consistency between DOC facilities and between DOC and its partners.  Wellness – to reduce trauma and its effects throughout the system.

PDF version of Strategic Goals (PDF, 231 KB)

Agency Mission

The Department of Correction shall strive to be a global leader in progressive correctional practices and partnered re-entry initiatives to support responsive evidence-based practices aligned to law-abiding and accountable behaviors. Safety and security shall be a priority component of this responsibility as it pertains to staff, victims, citizens and offenders.


Re-victimization is reduced by providing offenders the tools and resources to make positive changes for a successful transition back into the community.

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