New Haven Correctional Center


New Haven Correctional Center
245 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511

New Haven CC Entrance
Phone: (203) 974-4111
Fax: (203) 974-4167
Security: Level 4


Allison Black                         

Deputy Wardens:
Jeanette Maldonado                                                                 
Denise Walker

Visiting Information:

Visiting Schedule for New Haven CC


Population Information:

See data available regarding Connecticut Department of Correction's supervised population.

General Information:

The New Haven Correctional Center houses primarily pretrial offenders and serves the superior courts in Meriden,  New Haven, Bantam, Litchfield and Waterbury. It is a level 4 high-security facility.

The Mental Health Department offers a variety of programs for offenders who are experiencing stress and depression, including emotional literacy, community groups and psycho-education.

The Education Department has instituted a program designed to identify non-English speaking offenders upon admission for referral to educators who specialize in teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Present staffing: 275.

Listing of the inmate programs available at this facility (PDF, 279 KB).

PREA Auditor's Summary Report - 2015

PREA Auditor's Summary Report - 2017


The New Haven Correctional Center was opened on April 27, 1976 situated on 4.9 acres which is comprised of a main building, two dormitory units and an outside detail unit.

In 1991, the dormitory was built consisting of two inmate housing units on one floor.

In 1993, a 234 space-parking garage was opened adjacent to the facility.

In 1997, the outside detail unit was opened containing 12 beds.

List of past wardens:

1969-1970 Raymond Coyle
1970-1971 John Wolfe
1971-1972 Francis Moore
1972-1974 Bruce Goldson
1974-1980 Francis Moore
1980-1982 Victor Liburdi
1982-1985 William Tuthill
1985-1991 Thomas Warren
1991-1993 Robert Gillis
1993-1996 James Huckabey
1996-1999 Theresa Lantz
1999-2000 Remi Acosta
2000-2001 Michael Donahue
2001-2003 Eileen P. Higgins
2003-2009 Robert Correa
2009-2011 John Brighthaupt
Jose Feliciano