Cheshire Correctional Institution

Address: 900 Highland Avenue
Cheshire , CT 06410
Cheshire CI Entrance
Phone: (203) 651-6100
Fax: (203) 651-6069
Security: Level 4

Warden: Kenneth Butricks                           
Deputy Wardens:
Jennifer Peterson
Jesus Guadarrama

Visiting Information:

Visiting Schedule (PDF, 10 KB)


Ongoing cancellations: No social visits on Wednesdays (7 AM - 3 PM) and Fridays (4 PM - 11 PM)  until further notice.

Population Information:

See data available regarding Connecticut Department of Correction's supervised population.

General Information:

The Cheshire Correctional Institution confines long-term, adult sentenced offenders. It also operates several specialized housing units, including protective custody and restrictive housing.

The facility emphasizes rewards for deserving inmates via opportunities for bettering themselves by: learning a trade through prison industries, educational programming, addiction service programming and religious programming.

The vocational education programs conducts dozens of projects assisting non-profit and community organizations, which include refurbishment and donation of bicycles to local elementary schools. 

Present staffing: 428.

Listing of the inmate programs available at this facility (PDF, 409 KB).

PREA Auditor's Summary Report (PDF, 498 KB).


The Cheshire Reformatory was established by the Connecticut General Assembly in 1909 and opened in 1913 after three years of construction carried out by inmates from the State Prison in Wethersfield.   It was designed as a reformatory for male offenders ages 16-24, with the intention of seperating these offenders from the adult prison population. 

The physical plant consists of four inmate housing units and is situated on 25 acres.  The cells of the north block galleys were reportedly purchased from Sing Sing prison in New York and brought to Connecticut by barge.

In 1956 an addition was built.

In 1968 the facility was merged administratively with the newly created Department of Correction.

In 1982 the facility was designated for adult males.

In 1993, the galleys closed and the new North and South Blocks were opened.

In 1998 the commissary housing unit opened.

List of past wardens:

1910-1915 Albert Garvin
1918-1950 George Erskine
1950-1968 Robert Grey
1968-1971 B. J. Leverette
1971-1972 Carl Robinson
1972-1980 Dwaine Nickerson
1980-1982 Ray Coyle
1982-1982 James Singer
1982-1984 Terry Moore
1984-1991 Victor Liburdi
1991-1995 Leonard Barbieri
1995-1996 Christopher Pelkey
1996-1996 Frank Crose
1996-1997 John Tarascio
1997-2000 George Wezner
2000-2001 Remi Acosta
2001-2003 Hector Rodriguez
2003-2005 James E. Dzurenda
2005-2007 Daniel W. Martin
2007-2009 Charles Lee
2009-2011 John Alves
2011-2014 Jon Brighthaupt
2014-2015 Timothy Farrell Sr.
2015-2019 Scott Erfe