Young Adult Services Division


DMHAS – Young Adult Services (YAS) was developed to help young adults transition successfully from the Dept. of Children & Families to the adult mental health system and to achieve the necessary skills for adulthood.
Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of young people by providing the highest quality services possible.  We do this by forming a partnership with the individual, their family, identified significant persons, and with other community service providers.  By doing so we create a “community of care” that fosters mutual respect and individualized client centered treatment.

Who We Serve

In order to be considered for Young Adult Services, an individual must be between the ages of 18 and 25 and often have a history of DCF involvement.  They must also have a history of a major mental health problem.

YAS Program Locations

Young Adult Service programs have been developed at community mental health agencies throughout Connecticut.


Our goal is to provide the types of supports our clients will need to make their journey to adulthood successful.  Types of supports include mental health treatment, employment support, life skill development and housing assistance.

Trauma Sensitive Treatment

Many of the young people who have been referred to us have experienced trauma, including neglect and physical, and/or sexual abuse, and as a result, may suffer from associated symptoms.  Because of this, all aspects of our services are trauma sensitive and built upon the principles of trauma treatment.

Client Centered Approach

We believe that young adults with mental health difficulties and other problems, can be helped to achieve and maintain stability if given the right support, guidance, education, treatment, and skills. The best way to begin this process is to collaborate with DCF prior to an individual’s 18th birthday and develop a service plan together with the individual.  The active involvement of the client, their family, and the community in the development of the recovery plan is essential to success.


YAS program services are community based, supporting the individual in their own residence. Services include clinical, case management, educational and/or employment supports and residential assistance.

Clinical Services

Thorough clinical assessment, med- ication evaluation and management, individual/group therapy and skill development focus on individual needs. 

Case Management

Program staff meets with each program participant regularly to provide support, and coordinate services that will help address their needs and meet their goals.  There is a strong focus on life skill development.

Residential Services

A variety of residential supports are provided in our programs, including transition services with short-term availability of staff up to 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.  Staff typically visit clients in their apartments in order to assist, teach, and support them in activities which foster independence.

Educational/Employment Services

Supportive educational and employment services are available to each program participant. Each participant is expected to work or attend an educational program.

Perinatal Support Program
YAS Perinatal Support Program provides in-home pregnancy, childbirth and parenting education with continuous labor and birth Doula supports including intensive post-partum services. Trained facilitators provide evidence-based HIV/STI prevention, contraceptive/ pregnancy awareness and healthy relationship education.



“Young Adults Services gave me a safe place to live and staff who really care about me.  Because of that, I’m able to work on myself and start a life that I really want.”

Current YAS Client

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the help of my case manager and my therapist.  They believed in me.  Two years ago I was going nowhere and my life was a mess.  Now, I have a decent job, I’m planning to get married, and I feel great about myself.”

                                       - YAS Program Graduate


Amy Marracino, LCSW, Director of YAS

Jennifer Abbatemarco, LCSW  Director of Operations 

Daniel Brockett, Ph.D., Clinical Director 

Clinical Assessment and Consultation Team

Nancy Fredine, Ph.D.

Erin Hughes, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist

Joseph Lang, Ph.D. 

Steven Pierce, Psy.D.

Samantha Tynan, Psy.D.

Brandie Williams, Secretary 1

Evaluation, Monitoring, and Consultation Team

Robert Donovan, Ph.D.

John Holland, Ph.D., LCSW

Mary Beth Jordan, LMFT, LADC

Vatsala Kucharski, Psy.D.

Cynthia Randolph, LCSW

Kristen Russell, LCSW

Stephanie Zanker-Rivera, LPC

For additional information, contact Young Adult Services at (860) 262-6932, or mail to:

DMHAS Young Adult Services

1000 Silver Street

P. O. Box 351

Middletown, CT  06457