Office of the Medical Director
Office of the Medical Director
Charles Dike, M.D.,  Medical Director, 860-418-6879

Preferred Practices
Larry Davidson, Ph.D. 860-418-6939
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There are two emerging trends of direct relevance to this initiative. Within the research community, increasing attention is being paid to "translational research"; investigations that apply the findings of basic research to the development and evaluation of new interventions for real-world, naturalistic settings. The second, related field is that of "knowledge transfer" or "knowledge brokering": the use of scientific knowledge generated through research in shaping policy and program development and organizational decision-making processes and practices.

System-wide adoption, implementation, and monitoring of preferred practices will require support for both of these approaches. Newly emerging knowledge derived from research will need to be transferred into the field through DMHAS knowledge brokers. In addition, the broad-based implementation of these practices will need to be monitored and evaluated for effectiveness as research findings are translated into their policy and programmatic implications.

Major objectives:

  • To institute an infrastructure that will allow the Office of the Medical Director to identify the best practices currently available that are disorder-specific, have empirical support, and are of relevance to a component of DMHAS’ target population(s) as they emerge in the professional literature and the field at large.

  • To institute an infrastructure that bridges between the Office of the Medical Director and Human Resources that enables DMHAS to provide training to providers on these preferred practices.

  • To institute an infrastructure that enables DMHAS to evaluate the training provided and the implementation of preferred practices through out the system.