State Advisory Board

The State Advisory Board is legislatively mandated and consists of gubernatorial appointees, Regional Mental Health Board chairs and designees, as well as designees from the Regional Action Councils for substance abuse. The board meets monthly with the Commissioner of DMHAS and advises the Commissioner on programs, policies, and plans for the Department. 

State Advisory Board

John Hamilton, Chairperson
VACANT, Co-Vice Chairperson
Rev. Marcus McKinney, Secretary

Governor's Appointees:
J. Craig Allen, M.D.
Samuel Ball, Ph.D.
Richard Borer
Sharon L. Castelli
Robert Correll
Deron Drumm
John Hamilton
Irene Herden
Juan Hernandez
Rev. Marcus McKinney
Robert Painter, M.D.
Manuel Paris, Psy.D.
Ismene Petrakis, M.D.
Kevin A. Sevarino, M.D., Ph.D
Phillip Valentine

Regional Mental Health Board Members:

Region One:
Lateef Habib, President
Rev. Debra Slade, Vice-President
Marcea Koffsky, Consumer Rep
(Vacancy), Designee
Margaret Watt, CEO

Region Two:
Lee Heller, President
(Vacancy), Designee
Juan Hernandez, Consumer Rep
Kristie Barber, CEO

Region Three:
Howard Beatman, President
Margaret Ayer, Designee
(Vacancy), Consumer Rep
Jennifer Gross, CEO

Region Four:
Tina Inferrera, President
Larry Pittinger, Designee
Judith Shaw, Consumer Rep
Marcia DuFore, CEO

Region Five:
Pat Mosimann, President
Jim Smith, Designee
Brian Reignier, Consumer Rep
Janine Sullivan-Wiley, CEO

Regional Substance Abuse Board Members:

Region One:
Ingrid Gillespie, RAC/CPN
John Hamilton, Designee
Michael Askew, Consumer Rep

Region Two:
Betsey Chadwick, RAC/CPN
(Vacancy), Designee
(Vacancy), Consumer Rep

Region Three:
Michele Devine, RAC
(Vacancy), Designee
(Vacancy), Consumer Rep

Region Four:
Thomas Steen, RAC/CPN
(Vacancy), Designee
(Vacancy), Consumer Rep

Region Five:
Allison Fullton, RAC
(Vacancy), Designee
(Vacancy), Consumer Rep

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