Connecticut Valley Hospital Departments

Centralized services of the Hospital are organized within 7 Departments:  Human Resources, Fiscal Services & Plant Operations, Recovery and Consumer Affairs, Organization and Staff Development, Ambulatory Care Services, Management of Information Systems, and Compliance and Performance Improvement. Other, non-CVH Departments are also housed on campus: Safety Services Division, Consulting Forensic Services, Education and Training Division, Labor Relations Division, and Affirmative Action.
Human Resources Department


HRD is responsible for all aspects of workforce planning.  The Department assigns designated managers (affinities) to work with Division Directors in workforce planning and other personnel issues.  They participate in the formal operations and executive management committees of their assigned Division/Department.  Workforce planning is a set of processes in which Human Resources Department and each Division/Department assure the appropriate staffing levels, staff competencies, staff mix, cultural diversity, work rule compliance, union contract compliance, and recruitment (including advertising, screening, hiring, upward mobility and staff development).  Labor relations and payroll are administered centrally through DMHAS Human Resources.

Fiscal Services & Plant Operations Department


Provides the Fiscal (Budget, Procurement, Supplies Patient & Activity Fund), Plant Operations (Facilities Management, Environmental/Housekeeping, Life Safety), Dietary/Food Services (CVH, Blue Hills, DCF Solnit South), and Support Services to each Department and Division through assigned managers (affinities) who communicate with each Patient Care Divisions and Administrative Departments to assure the appropriate quality, quantity, and timeliness of services.

Recovery and Consumer Affairs Department


Provides facility-wide coordination and oversight of patient advocacy and grievance procedures.  They also facilitate recovery programming throughout the facility.  This unit assigns Patient Advocates and Client Rights Officers to each Division.  The coordinators of Multicultural Affairs and Patient and Family Education are also members of this Department and are responsible for the coordination and implementation of the facility-wide Multicultural and Patient and Family Education Plans.  The Multicultural Plan ensures the delivery of culturally sensitive services to those whom we serve and the Patient and Family Education Plan addresses educational needs to support recovery.

Organization and Staff Development Department


Responsible for the development of the Annual Education Plan and to assure that educational programs are offered/available to accomplishment the mission of the hospital. Provides staff development, in-service training, mandatory annual training and orientation to CVH. Classes are offered using a variety of several delivery methods. These include didactic training; centralized programs for staff education; Online offerings for off-site, and all shift training; Hallock Medical Library services; coordination of Continuing Medical Education (CME) program, and continuing education for the other professional disciplines.

Ambulatory Care Services Department


Responsible for the coordination and delivery of primary care medical services, including preventive medical care, to patients through the assignment and supervision of primary care providers. In addition, this department provides the following clinical services: employee health, pharmacy, infection control, dentistry, dietetics, speech pathology, physical therapy, optometry, podiatry, neurology, nephrology and dialysis. The ACS Department also coordinates the delivery of services provided by outside consultants and contracted services, such as: clinical laboratory, medical imaging and electrocardiogram services.  Hospitalist Services are provided through a contract with Middlesex Hospital under the supervision of the ACS Department Director and Medical Director for Ambulatory Care Services.

Management of Information Systems Department
Responsible for automated data services across the campus including coordination with the DMHAS WITS System and the ORYX requirements of TJC participation.  The Director develops an Information Management Plan which anticipates the allocation of resources, programs and hardware from the Office of the Commissioner and the Connecticut Department of Information Technology. 
Compliance and Performance Improvement Department

Oversees all regulatory accreditation and performance improvement functions related to the facility.  This department also oversees policy and procedure development and supports all functions of the Governing Body.  The Performance Improvement Managers provide assistance to the Division and Departments in the analysis of data related to key elements of performance.  The Health Information Management Department oversees all medical record functions at the facility and coordinates all activities with the Probate Court.

Non-CVH Divisions Housed on Campus:

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