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What would your life be like if you were working and making money?

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  • Warm-Line - call for support and encouragement in your work efforts, available Monday - Friday 1:00pm to 4:00pm at 860-297-0844.  Saturday and Sunday 9:30am - 6:00pm at 860-297-0920 
It is with pleasure that CRMHC announces that Edina Brownlow, Peer Support staff member, is the Mary T. Fitzpatrick Memorial CT. Warmline Coalition 2008 Operator of the Year.  This is a statewide award, where individuals throughout the state vote on Warmline operators who embody the spirit and mission of recovery for their agency in their work.  As Dina so humbly says, when she gets a call, "you give a little bit of yourself with every caller."
Congratulations to Dina, and the recognition for the Warmline work she and her coworkers do.

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Getting Ready for Work

More to come.......
Bureau of Rehabilitation Services Links and Info
  • Bureau of Rehabilitation Services
    Department of Rehabilitation Services
    55 Farmington Avenue-12th Floor Hartford, CT 06105
    1-800-537-2549 (Toll-Free)
    (860) 424-4844 (voice); (860) 424-4850 (Fax)
    860-920-7163 (Video Phone)
    E-mail:  DORS.BRS.ContactUs@ct.gov
    Website - www.ct.gov/brs

CRMHC Employment Services Programs

  • How do I get myself referred to a DMHAS funded, CRMHC Employment Service program?: This includes services provided by American School for the Deaf, Chrysalis Center, CW Resources and Easter Seals. Employment collaborations are also taking place between: the Chrysalis Center EARN program and CRMHC, Easter Seals and Hartford Behavioral Health, CW Resources and Hartford Hospital. If you are in active treatment at CRMHC or a Mental Health Agency withinHartford, W. Hartford, Avon, CantonFarmington, or Simsbury,have your clinician complete and forward a vocational referral form to Mr.Glenn Woods at Capitol Region Mental Health Center.

Chrysalis EARN Employment Groups Open to All Persons in Recovery 

  • EARN Vocational Group, Mondays, 10-11 am, Room B-50, 51 Coventry St.

Success Stories from the EARN Program

EARN Employment Specialists work with individuals to assist them to find competitive employment in the community.  The Employment Specialist also provides follow up supports as needed.  Motivational groups are also offered as part of employment services.

The Employment Specialist focuses on the individual's strengths and abilities.  A good job match is key to success.  Here is one person's story:

"I came from a broken home.  I got caught up in the street life and involved with gangs at an early age.  I was getting in trouble and going in and out of jail.  I was shot 9 times and stabbed 34 times.  Yet, I continued on the path of self-destruction and on a few occasions, tried to kill myself.  I got into drugs and alcohol.  Finally, after being in and out of jail, I entered a program.  That is when I met Jackie at EARN.  She helped me with my resume.  She treated me with respect and encouragement.  She focused on my abilities, not my past.

Today I am a Supervisor and have been for the past two and a half years.  I keep my positive attitude and do my best.  A job taught me how to be responsible and manage my money.  My last Christmas was the best I've had in a long time.  I was able to buy my kids and family gifts.  I have friends where I work.  I am liked and respected.  My opinions are valued.  And soon, I will be starting school."

Story#2:  My life….My Story

My life at a young age was very challenging.  A lot was going on in my head when I was going to school.  The teacher was getting upset because I couldn’t comprehend things.  After one of my boys got killed, I had a lot of bitterness in me.  The school referred me to Capitol Region.  I witnessed so many things over the years that I wanted to do negative things.

I met my Employment Specialist at Employment and Recovery Network at Capitol Region.  He is a nice guy.  He never gave up on me and keeps me motivated.  My Employment Specialist knows I want to work and helps me find jobs .  I want to work so I keep busy and can meet new people.  I’m sociable.  Working motivates me with life.  A job does a lot for me.  It keeps me off the streets and makes me feel good because I can take care of my family.

Story #3

G.C. has been utilizing EARN Employment Services for the last two years.  In that time period, he has received certification from Chrysalis' Culinary Program.  Moreover, he is currently enrolled and taking classes toward his GED and is expected to graduate at the end of 2010.  G.C. also maintained employment with C.W. Resources.  He is a dedicated worker and has a positive spirit.

Story #4

R.W. has been utilizing EARN Employment Services for the past year and a half and has received certification from Chrysalis' Culinary Program.  Moreover, client also maintains volunteering at Chrysalis REC and is employed at Recovery and Empowerment Center as a janitor.


  • Gayle Gagliardo, Chairperson
  • Claude Fields, Clinical Teams
  • Kate Fennell, Peer Support
  • Mike Lonergan, Peer Support                                                                           
  • Susan Simmons, YAS                                     
  • Roz Schuster, Easter Seals                          
  • Sandy Lavoy, CW Resources
  • Mike Marino, BRS
  • Dorothy Guay, Immaculate Conception Housing & Shelter Corporation
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Call Gayle at: 860-297-0824

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