The Connecticut Mental Health Center


When it opened in 1966, CMHC was part of a new vision:  to treat people with mental illness in their communities, to provide a place for researchers from many fields to find new treatments, and to teach professionals in the care of mental illness.

The Connecticut Mental Health Center is an urban community mental health center with an exceptional 30-year tradition of serving individuals with serious mental illness.

Founded in 1966, the Connecticut Mental Health Center cares for more than 5,000 people a year in a variety of services.           

CMHC treats individuals suffering from severe and persistent psychosis, depression, anxiety, addictions (including alcoholism, cocaine, and gambling) and those with  co-existing mental health and addiction problems.

CMHC also operates outreach programs for individuals who are homeless, who are at serious risk for mental illness, or involved with the criminal justice system. CMHC is also responsible for a  specialized clinical service  for people whose primary language is Spanish.

Clinical services are complemented by a range of rehabilitation programs designed to improve functioning and quality of life.     

CMHC is nationally recognized  for its research into the causes and treatment of mental illness and addiction.        

Research components include the Ribicoff Research facilities, Treatment Research Program  (Treatment Research Project), Substance Abuse Treatment Unit, Tobacco Cessation Project, Women's Health Clinics,  Prevention, and Service Utilization.      

CMHC is also a major training site for all of the professional specialties involved in treating mental illness and addictions: Psychiatry, Neuropharmacology, Psychology, Psychiatric Nursing, Social Work and Pastoral.

Questions or concerns about care provided at CMHC may be directed to the office of the Director at 203 974-7144.  Further concerns about the safety and quality of care provided may be directed to the Joint Commission at 1-800-994-6610.

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