DEMHS Region 3

DEMHS Region 3 is comprised of towns located within the northern central area of the State of Connecticut surrounding the capitol city of Hartford; the region is bisected by the Connecticut River and its tributaries. The forty-one (41) towns located in this region range from urban to rural. The municipalities that make up Region 3 have a total combined population of 1,085,939 according to 2017 DPH estimates within a land area of 1,078 sq. miles. Each DEMHS Region has a Regional Emergency Planning Team (REPT), the Region 3 REPT is the coordinating committee for all regional activities.


William Turley, DEMHS Region 3 Coordinator

Office: 860-529-6893


Regional Points of Contact:

Jonathan Hartenbaum, Regional Planner: 860-920-3348

Natalie Simoneau, Regional Secretary:860-529-6894