Cold Weather Protocol

When temperatures are anticipated to be extremely cold, the Governor's office in consultation with state emergency management officials may chose to activate  Connecticut's Severe Cold Weather Protocol. The Severe Cold Weather Protocol directs staff from the state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP), the Department of Social Services (DSS), the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), and the Department of Housing (DOH) to coordinate with 2-1-1 and Connecticut’s network of shelters to ensure that the state’s most vulnerable populations are protected from the severe cold weather. This protocol enables anyone in need to receive protection from extreme cold weather by initiating a series of procedures to ensure that shelters are available and transportation is provided to help bring people indoors.

This includes the following actions:

  • DESPP’s Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security activates its WebEOC communications network, an internet-based system that enables local, regional and state emergency management officials and first responders to share up-to-date information about a variety of situations and conditions. The system is used to monitor capacity at shelters across the state, enabling 2-1-1 to act as a clearinghouse to assist in finding shelter space for those who need it. Local officials, working through WebEOC, can alert 2-1-1 and the state when they open temporary shelters or warming centers.
  • DSS, DOH, and DMHAS coordinate with 2-1-1 and the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, along with community-based providers, to provide transportation for people seeking shelter.

Severe Cold Weather Protocol Activation History

 Activation Date
Activation Notice
 2/14/2020  Gov. Lamont Activates State's Severe Cold Weather Protocol from 2/14/20-2/15/20
 1/30/2019  Gov. Lamont Activates State's Severe Cold Weather Protocol from Wednesday to Sunday
 Gov. Lamont Plans to Activate the State's Severe Cold Weather Protocol from Sunday Through Wednesday as Bitter Cold Temps Are Anticipated to Move in...
 11/20/2018  Gov. Malloy Activates State's Severe Cold Weather Protocol