Connecticut Public Safety Interoperability Executive Committee



An ad hoc communications interoperability working group was organized May 2002 by the Governor and led by the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) to address the immediate needs of first reponders in the Connecticut.  State and local fire, police, medical, transportation, environmental, information technology and emergency management personnel were represented.  The working group focused its collective attention on the following issues:
  • Interoperability at the incident/unified command level.
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Interoperability at the functional level.  

In 2007 this ad hoc group was formally organized as the Connecticut Public Safety Interoperable Communications Executive Committee (CPSIEC). This group is organized as a sub-committee of the DEMHS Advisory Council organized in accordance with Title 28 of the Connecticut General Statutes.


Provide for statewide telecommunication infrastructure and protocol that will allow timely, efficient and cost-effective communications (voice, data, video) for all public safety and public healthcare agencies (state, regional and local) to be able to serve as an alert system and provide appropriate, coordinated response to any and all emergencies.