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Connecticut Recycles Day - November 15th

World In Recycling Bin

Connecticut Recycles Day is a recycling awareness day that takes place on November 15th each year. This day is set aside to recognize and celebrate the positive impact of reducing, reusing, recycling, composting and closing the recycling loop in our communities, schools, businesses and state agencies.  You can use this day at your workplace, school, or in your home to bring awareness to recycling and commit to improving your recycling program.

Ideas for Celebrating CT Recycles Day

  • Coordinate a "Drive" to Collect an Item from the Waste Stream (i.e. cell phones for soldiers)

  • Expand Your Recycling Program (add more materials to recycle or try to recover more of what you already collect)

  • Start a "Green Team" in your office, school, or house of worship

  • Clean Your Room/House/Office and donate items to a local charity

  • Coordinate a community tag sale

  • Organize a ‘swap’ party with friends: clothing, toys, books or kitchenware

  • Coordinate a book collection event and donate books to schools, libraries or other facilities

  • Visit a recycling center to learn where your recyclables go

  • Create Art from Trash
  • Start a book discussion group to learn more about trash & recycling

CT Recycles Day Resources

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Recycling Education Programs (HRRA)

CT Recycling Program Resources (CT DEEP)

Recycling Hits the Runway   This is a starter loan kit with a sample script, some accessories and clothing made from recycled materials to stage your own fashion show. Add more of your own recycled content or reused clothing to complete the show.  (CT DEEP)

Recycling Match Game  A game in which players match the objects in the recycling bin to the products they can be recycled into.  (CT DEEP)

Trash Detectives Game  Could that item you put in the trash have a better use? Could it be recycled, composted or reused in some way? Find out playing this game!  (CT DEEP)

Environmental Speakers, Presenters and Performers (CT DEEP)

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The History of the Recycling Symbol: How Gary Anderson Designed the Recycling Symbol (J.C. Dyer)

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Content Last Updated January 2020