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Health Clubs ( including Martial Arts ) License


  • Two Health Club Contracts which the applicant is currently using, or intends to use. Each contract submitted must include therein “Buyer’s Right to Cancel”, prices of all available memberships, and a list of equipment and services. SUBMIT PROPOSED CONTRACTS ONLY.

Required for Inspection:   

  • Equipment must be on premises

  • Trade Name Certificate (if necessary) from the Town Clerk’s Office in the town where the club is located

  • Certificate of Occupancy from the town where the club is located

  • Completed Contracts

  • Posting of the Buyer’s Right to Cancel, Prices & Terms

Applications, Forms & Other:

Application Fee:

  • $750.00 Health Club

  • $350.00 Martial Arts



All Health Club licenses expire annually on September 30th.  Renewal Fee: Health Club: $750.00, Health Club - Martial Arts: $350.00

Mailing Address:

Department of Consumer Protection
License Services Division
450 Columbus Blvd, Ste. 801
Hartford, CT 06103

Email Address: