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    Election Game/Mock Election

    YouTube Election Hub

    Contact Elected Officials

    Teaching with Documents: Women’s Suffrage


    The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) with Peggy Reeves

    Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program with Andrew Cascudo

    The Role of Women in Connecticut’s Election History with Secretary of the State Denise Merrill


    Electoral College, Swing States & Voter History

    1. 270 to Win (15:59)
    2. New York Times electoral map (16:37)
    3. Wall Street Journal electoral map
    4. 270 to Win Connecticut page (19:30)
    5. Voter Turnout

      1. United States Elections Project
      2. Secretary of the State’s Election Performance Report 2012 (25:37)
      3. Peggy Reeves (SOTS) re: HAVA

        1. Voting Rights Act of 1965 (34:22)
        2. Help America Vote Act


          1. Barack Obama campaign website (34:48)
          2. Mitt Romney campaign website (34:48)

            Connecticut’s Senate Race

            1. 270 to Win Senate map (37:32)
            2. Real Clear Politics Senate map (40:07)
            3. Real Clear Politics Connecticut Senate page (42:11)

              Money in CT Elections

              1. State Elections Enforcement Commission (44:56)
              2. Citizens’ Election Program (47:00)
              3. eCRIS (online campaign filing search)

                Money in Federal Elections

                1. New York Times campaign finance page (54:10)
                2. Citizens United Decision (55:32)
                3. Federal Election Commission’s House & Senate campaign finance page (56:20)

                  Women in CT Elections

                  1. Connecticut Women’s Suffrage Association (60:00)
                  2. The League of Women Voters (60:48)
                  3. Clare Boothe Luce (64:08)
                  4. Ella Grasso (64:08)