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Health Club Guaranty Fund

This fund is administered by the Department of Consumer Protection to protect consumers who have a health club contract with a club that subsequently closes down or moves.  If a health club is no longer operating at the location where the consumer entered into the contract, the consumer may have a claim against the health club and may apply to the Guaranty Fund.

When filing for reimbursement the consumer must include the following information.

  • A copy of the contract;
  • A copy of proof of payment for the membership.
  • A receipt, if paid by cash or a copy of the front AND back of check if payment was by check. If the club was paid by credit card, the consumer should call the credit card company to inquire if reimbursement can be given to them. (If you are requesting reimbursement within 60 days of the charge, and the credit card company refuses to reimburse, one should ask for a denial letter stating such.)