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Dating Services

“Social referral services” applies to dating, matrimonial or personal referral services by any of the following means:An exchange of names, telephone numbers, addresses and statistics, a photograph or video selection process; personal introductions provided by the seller at the seller’s place of business’ and a social environment provided by such person intended primarily as an alternative to singles' bars or club-type environments.

Contract requirements for social referral services:

Any contract for social referral services can be cancelled within 3 days of signing by written notice, delivered by certified or registered mail to the seller at an address which shall be specified in the contract. 

The seller must furnish the buyer with a fully completed copy of such contract at the time of its execution, which shows the date of the transaction and contains the name and address of the seller, and a statement captioned “Notice of Cancellation” in not less than ten-point bold fact type. Instructions for the consumer to cancel the contract within three days must be included.

The Department of Consumer Protection accepts dating services complaints.

Relevant Statute: Title 42, Chapter 743p