DAS Procurement Agency ProcurementĀ Manual

Agency Tips for Establishing or Using State Contracts

  • When requesting a new contract specific to an agency, consult with a DAS Contract Specialist about your needs.   They will discuss what is needed in terms of description of goods or services, scope of work, etc., and will discuss timelines for the procurement.  Follow-up with a Core-CT Requisition type of “DAS-Bid” and attach specifications, etc.   The Core-CT requisition is the trigger e-document for DAS Procurement to start the competitive process on behalf of the agency.
  • Through the State Contracting Portal, keep track of the contracts DAS administers on behalf of your agency, specifically their expiration dates.  Six months prior to contract expiration, provide the DAS Contract Specialist with communication and/or specifications of upcoming purchasing needs (and estimated quantities, if possible) to ensure contracts adequately cover needs.  Verbal communication establishes the need, but follow-up with a Core-CT Requisition Type of DAS-Bid so needs are documented and the new contract is initiated by DAS Procurement.
  • If the products on contract are inventory items, clearly indicate this.  DAS/Contracting staff will work to ensure these inventory items are populated in the Core catalog which feeds the inventory system in Core-CT.
  • Throughout the contract term, communicate with the DAS Contract Specialist with feedback on Vendor Performance, business needs, contract gaps, and important purchasing needs for your organization.  This helps DAS establish contracts with products and terms that meet agency needs, and also enable the DAS Contract Specialist to assist in performance or possible contract breach issues.
  • The Procurement process is heavily prescribed by state laws, and what may appear to be bureaucracy is part of the purchasing policies and laws that ensure  all state purchases are open, honest, fair and accessible to all. 
  • Always follow the “Communications with Vendors” Guidelines attached.  
  • Always review the contract terms and conditions before making a purchase.  Many services are built into the contract prices; deviations from this could negatively impact cost savings.
  • When in doubt, call a DAS Contract Specialist and ask questions.  DAS Procurement Staff are trained experts in public procurement and the contracting process. DAS Main Phone #: 860-713-5095.